Monday, October 11, 2010

Listed six prominent force in the award-winning character Aisino A6

From fledgling start in June this year, strictly counted Aerospace Information Aisino A6 enterprise management software market for less than six months. In six months time, by virtue of the "Internet real-time management and taxation," the advanced concepts, Aisino A6 received wide acclaim in the market. Not only that, Aisino A6 is in the media and the recent authoritative product selection activities, repeatedly won the title.

In the annual "the most trusted IT Product Award SME" activities, the space information Aisino A6 won the most small and medium enterprise management software, trust management software awards. With the group winners were IBM, Oracle and other enterprises, the only award-winning space information of domestic enterprises.

"Year's most trusted IT Product Award SME" activity is held every year in a nationwide information Promoting SME activities aimed at users of IT products by small and medium reliability of the survey, and comprehensively promote and strengthen small and medium enterprises Process information for IT products and services of quality concerns. The guidance of NDRC, under the supervision by the unanimous endorsement of the National SME users and praise.

Just recently, space information has been informed: Aisino A6 was awarded by the authority of the State Department issued the 2008 "enterprise information construction contribution" award, and will soon be held in the Great Hall of the "Fifth China business and finance Strategic Management Forum "on the issue.

Aisino A6 get behind this award, mainly thanks to the precision positioning software and product concept is practical. Located in the SME market, A6, have studied the depth of the needs of small and medium characteristics. SMEs demand for ERP software, and large companies will be very different. In addition to security, functionality, the SMEs need software with ease of use, easy maintenance, high cost (many large software only has the excellent function) and so on. Aerospace Information Aisino A6 formally seized the demand characteristics of SMEs, will feature more than its head.

Aisino A6 will be only large-scale ERP software can have, "real-time management" function, integrated into the software which. SMEs provide a high cost option. A6 series smart interactive design of the new ideas to enhance the stability of the product's ease of use, flexible security, resolve cross-sectoral, regional, large units, multi-level accounting, the higher requests for timely and accurate query subordinate units Group-based financial management needs. Using a distributed architecture, or two units at the headquarters of all subordinate units can be real-time data query, centralized management of financial data quickly and accurately provide management decision-making information for managers to improve the unit's management and financial control efforts

Aisino A6 a more appropriate use of B / S structure. The architecture of the product than the local area network products and C / S structure of the product maintenance is greatly reduced, unified application management more convenient. B / S structure of the application system, you can only maintain the server, the client need not maintain, greatly reducing the maintenance workload. SMEs to fully meet the demand for ERP software, easy to maintain. Meanwhile, B / S structure in terms of safety requirements in the relatively high, especially to regional inquiry and visit. B / S structure of the product as long as the network can meet certain requirements to work through the network, the system supports remote leadership or superior officer or a remote query. And part of the unit staff to achieve a mobile office, in remote or home dial-up query data, to increase the flexibility of the office.

Adhering to the "Internet real-time fiscal management" concept for the majority of SMEs to provide excellent products Aisino A6, less than half the listed time, they receive so much praise. SME users of UF and Kingdee traditional two-outer, but also provides a more cost-effective choice. Aisino A6 in the ERP industry, always low-key attitude in order to force itself, this time a number of awards received, showing the reinforcements "Accumulate" and should be character.

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